Top Ten Reasons To Drink Riesling In Baltimore


After recently giving an in depth training on Austrian Riesling to the FSK staff, Fleet Street Kitchen & Bagby Restaurant Group’s Beverage Director Tim Riley and Sommelier Philip Lucas offered up their “Top Ten Reasons To Drink Riesling in Baltimore”… Enjoy (and please excuse their bad jokes)…

1) Crabs. Never has a more perfect food and beverage pairing been imagined than blue crabs and Riesling. Sometimes people forget just how delicate the flavor of blue crab really is; overwhelming that delicacy with California Chardonnay or, god forbid, some sort of Imperial IPA should be a felony.

2) Heat. Its supposed to be 95 or above every single day this week. With temperatures like these, one needs a wine with ample acidity and a light enough frame to not seem heavy or tiresome. Enter Riesling. While we’re not sure of its electrolyte content, we can assure you its more refreshing than Gatorade. 

3) H.L. Mencken, who kept a cellar full of German Riesling to get him through Prohibition. We bet he was removing bottles pretty regularly during the summer months at 1524 Hollins Road. We’ll follow his lead. 

4) Lake Trout. Okay, its not trout and it doesn’t come from a lake, but when its fried until crispy and dashed with hot sauce, it becomes the sort of dish that needs Riesling as its sidekick. We’d lean towards something just off-dry, but pretty much anything you find should work. 

5) FSK’s Hermann J. Wiemer Wine Dinner. A shameless plug, we admit, but this is a no brainer: five Rieslings from arguably the best producer of Riesling outside of Europe paired with five courses from Fleet Street Kitchen’s Executive Chef, Chris Amendola. And before you go ahead thinking Chef will be taking the easy route and offering five dishes of seafood, be sure to check out the menu. Four words: lamb neck with Riesling. Amazing. (The dinner is on Wednesday July 24th at 6:00pm. $79 per person.)

6) Chris Davis. He’s on pace for the first 60 home run season baseball has seen in twelve years. Sounds like something to celebrate. Champagne? In this heat? No way. He needs Sekt, the German term for sparkling wine – the best examples being made from Riesling. Fizzy, bright and gulpable, this stuff is so delicious, Mr. Davis might consider drinking it instead of spraying it on his teammates. 

7) The Summer of Riesling, Baby! Did it take us this long to mention that it is THE Summer of Riesling? A nationwide celebration began by the ultimate wine iconoclast, Paul Grieco, a few years back, one can now find all sorts of interesting Riesling promotions going on at a handful of restaurants across town. Our very own Fleet Street Kitchen is participating, of course, as is Wit & Wisdom, Pabu, Wine Market and Mr. Rain’s Funhouse. 

8) More refreshing than Natty Boh. Its tough to knock Boh. Its a Baltimore tradition. But whether patio dining, sitting on the front stoop, or cooking in front of the grill, you’re more likely to find a glass of Riesling in our hands than a can of Boh. Again, no offense to Mr. Boh, but until he can offer the spine-tingling acidity of a good Kabinett, we’ll stick with Riesling. 

9) Value. Here’s one of the best kept secrets in the wine world: Riesling is ridiculously undervalued; for $20 to $30 one can buy world-class examples. Even for $10 to $20 there are scores of spectacular options. How many spectacular wines can one find for $10 from Napa or Bordeaux? Not many. 

10) You probably don’t drink enough Riesling. Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Thai food, anything seafood related, most pork dishes… are you drinking Riesling? If not, you should be. Going over to dinner somewhere and unsure what the host is making? Bring a bottle of Riesling. Rivaled only by rosé, Riesling is flat-out the most food flexible wine there is. It drinks well with just about everything. Not a believer? Join us in our restaurants this summer, order a glass, a few plates of food and see what we mean. 

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